How To Sell Online And Make Money

SellersCube is an online marketplace provider that enables sellers to list new or pre-owned products for free, thereby allowing buyers to purchase listed products from single or multiple sellers at the same time. With SellersCube, both sellers and buyers are able to trade online with minimum overhead. SellersCube accepts various payment methods, including PayLocally, a hybrid online payment system that facilitates virtual payment method. By using SellersCube online marketplace, sellers will minimize overhead and significantly maximize profit since listing is free, and sellers are only charged sales percentage fee when listed products are sold. Also, sellers can list products indefinitely until the products are sold, meaning listed products don't have expiration date. One of the unique advantages of SellersCube online marketplace is its integration with PayLocally, a hybrid online payment system that enables buyers to shop online with or without credit card; and therefore, shields buyers from credit card fraud, since it limits how often debit/credit card information is shared online. It also provides buyers the ability to consolidate multiple gift cards (with cash value) into their PayLocally's account, thereby eliminating value lost over time.

Getting to SellersCube Website

To start, type into your browser and press “Enter”, and this will take you to the SellersCube homepage. If you are a new user, please register by clicking on the “Register” button. If you are a returning user, please click on “Login” button to login.

Usage Instructions

  1. Launch SellersCube website
  2. Click on the "Register" button located at the top right corner
  3. Complete the account registration form and click on the "Register" button to submit your account registration
  4. After creating your SellersCube account, a PayLocally account will automatically be created for you to keep track of sales / purchases transactions
  5. Confirm your account registration by using the email confirmation link that was sent to you
  6. Thereafter, sellers will be able to list items by clicking on the "Sell On SellersCube" button located at the top left corner
  7. And this will take you to the "Product" page, then click on the "Add Product" button located at the top right corner in the product page and start listing your products
  8. And when products are sold, notification email will automatically be sent to the sellers with buyer's shipping address. Also buyers will receive purchase confirmation email
  9. Sales proceeds are automatically deposited into sellers' PayLocally account